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Modell:  DOKIO-Lock-001


Modell Nr .: DOKIO-Lock-001 Technik: Geschmiedet Typ: Glas Clamp Oberflächenbehandlung: Ja Material: Stahl
Products Advantages
1: USA TI chip set of low consumption , 100% pure Stainless Steel 304 panel
2: Living Auto wakeup sensor , dust proof and scratch proof
3: User ID management and Admin managment
4: 4 AA batteries use for more than 10000 times.
5: 9V Emergency battery; Musical buzzer; Backup mechanical key
6: 100 Fingerprints, 100 Rondom passwod and 4 emergency key,
7: USB Line to connect to PC to download records 
8: Rondam password function .Touch Screen 
9 : Firm Alarm ,Unlock Alarm ,Lower Power Alarm
 Sensor  Living Sensor/Anto wakeup/waterproof
 LCD Dimension  122*32 Dots Blue LCD
 Fingerprints Capacity  100
 Record Capacity  10.0000
 CPU  Industrial-class ARM11 Embedded
 Identification Speed  <0.5 Sec
 Recognition Mode  FP/PIN/Keys
 Matching Mode  1:N,1:1
 Communication  USB Lime
 Front Plate (Outside Plate) (WxHxD)  68x210x29.8mm, Stainless steel forging casting
 Back Plate (Inside Plate) (WxHxD)  68x210x29.8mm, Stainless steel forging casting
Alarm method  Dismantlement, threaten, overtime, Unlock illegally
 Power Supply  4AA Battery/
 Mortise Lock  Backset: 60/70mm Single latch bolt
 Temperature operating  -15ºC~55ºC
 Applicated Door Thickness  30~45mm
 Dimension  (mm)  180(L)*82(W)*55(H)mm
 Weight  4 kg

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